the science

The Sunriser Experience is waking up like you never had before. Completely rested, ready to reclaim your day.

Humans have an optimal time to wake up relative to when one falls asleep. Sleep cycles last about 90 minutes. Sunriser takes into account the time you set the alarm and either [the sunrise of the next day OR the time you need to be up by] to calculate a wake up time at the end of your last 90 minute cycle of the night.

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Ever woken up feeling groggy and all around like crap? It’s because you woke up in the middle of your sleep cycle.  Your nervous system is still supposed to be asleep. Your body now has to do away with the restful hormone of melatonin – all connected to circadian rhythm. It has to flush it quickly with the same hormones that trigger fight or flight. A survival mechanism.

It ruins your whole day. To prevent this, wake up before or after a cycle, the lighter sleep stages. Plus: it’s incredibly easier to be awaken at the lighter stages of sleep vs. deeper REM sleep. Much less anguish.

The Sunriser Experience is unique to every user for every single day.
Instead of the user adapting to Sunrise, the experience should focus on the unique user. Mainly, the time they go to sleep.