the story

I had a job before where I had to get up at 5:00a and be in the office at 6. I’m naturally a night person so this whole waking up early, especially that early, was way out of my comfort zone. A 6am shift would mean going to sleep at least by 11pm if I didn’t want to feel like total crap the next day, and come on… 11pm? What am I, a baby?

Like everyone else, I like sleep.

As the days went on and on, my sleep cycle was changing. For the better. I would be at work at like 9, 10am, and it would feel like I already did so much with my day. Some people wouldn’t even be up at that time. Lunch would be at 10:30 – 11, get off at 3pm, and it would only be 3pm! Plenty of time to do whatever I wanted!

Eventually, the job ended because it was only a temp job, and thus began the idea: I want to feel this productive all the time. Waking up early feels so good there seems to be so much time in the day! But there was the problem – I don’t naturally wake up that early…

And so, the adventure began…

– G


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